Traveling tips to Kochi

Travel Tips

Kochi is one of the major cities in Kerala that attracts a lot of tourists and travelers across the globe. There are a lot of attractions in this place and when you are here you must make sure to visit all of these places because each of them has their own significance with respect to history and culture. Kerala in itself is a land of heritage, culture, and traditions and spending time amidst the lovely backwaters enjoying mouth-tantalizing Sadiya, traditional meals and Kerala seafood served on a plantain leaf is one of the best things to do when you are here. Well, even before traveling to Kochi there are certain tips that you can follow to make your trip the most memorable one.

Mentioned below are the Travelling tips to Kochi.

  1. Carry lighter fabrics

The first and the foremost tip that would come handy to you when you are traveling to Kochi are packing the right clothes. Kochi is a humid place hence, you would feel pretty hot. To beat the scorching sun, it is important to carry fabrics that are lighter. Also, remember to carry light-color clothes to keep cool.

  1. Do not miss the yummy fish delicacies

Kerala is synonymous with fishes and when you are in Kochi it is essential to binge on the freshwater fishes. The whole of Kerala is famous for its fish delicacies and when you are in Kochi, you must take a trip to some of the city’s best restaurants to try their variety of fish delicacies. The fatter the fish, the better is the taste. Try those fresh fishes cooked well with the right amount of spices and coconut oil and milk when you are here.

  1. Travel with the locals in public transport

When you are in Kochi, you must and should take the local buses because the drivers just zoom at the speed of light giving you one of the most thrilling experiences. The drive is just going to be awesome because of the picturesque views of the water bodies coupled with the uniformly arranged coconut trees swaying beautifully to the breeze. Along with these, you could also get a sweeping beauty of the land filled with fully-grown palm trees. So, this is one of the tips that you must remember when you are traveling to Kochi.

  1. Going to the fort is mandatory

Fort Kochi boasts of great history and when you are here it is important to visit this fort and get to know the heritage and culture. The fort is located in the heart of the city and traveling to this place would not be difficult. There are a lot of buses, auto-rickshaws to go to this place. The architecture of the fort is to be admired when you are here. The fort is surrounded by lovely flowers and it can give you a feel of being in ancient India the very moment you step inside.

  1. Visit the local restaurants for some delicious veg meals

Though Kerala is dominated largely by non-vegetarian food items, there isn’t dearth for the vegetarian restaurants as well. When you are in Kochi, you do not have to worry about the vegetarian food at all. There are a lot of known brands of restaurants that sell the yummy veg thalis and also one can visit the Tharuvadus to get the local food experience. Tharuvadus or the mess are known n to serve simple veg meals, unlike the lavish restaurants that are into full-fledge Sadiya. Eating in Tharuvadu would bliss you eat because this is one of the ways to live like a local in a city like Kochi!

  1. Shopping can be enjoyable too

Kochi is filled with malls and if you want to satisfy your shopping cravings then, just visit the lane close to Fort. There are a lot of branded shops and also Lulu Market is one of the places that give you the best choices of shopping options. Also, you could go to the beachside and buy trinkets, knick-knacks, and souvenirs as a lot of locals would be spotted there selling them.

  1. Travel in a train to Thrissur

This can again be one of the classiest experiences to have and especially for all the photographers Trissur can allure you with the beauty. This is one of the best places in Kerala and traveling to this place on the train would make you fall in love with the land of God even more because of the bountiful nature and the scenic views.

Well, these are the tips that can come handy to you when you are making your travel plans to the lovely city Kochi. Also, make sure to keep yourselves hydrated and take a visit to as many beaches in Kochi as possible when you are here. At times, words fail to express the beauty of the place that a pair of eyes can witness. So, visit Kochi and make some unforgettable memories.

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